Conference attendance and presentations

2010- We sent a student, & faculty member team from UF to the 2010 Biennial meeting of the Gold Humanism Honor Society, which will take place October 7-10 in Dallas, Texas (more info).  Presentations by our team included:

  • Spreading Humanism: One Chapter’s Contributions and Look at How Participation Cultivates Humanism in GHHS Members and Other Participants
  • The Power of Mentoring
  • Teaching As a Reflective Tool
  • Using Patient Narratives To Encourage Humanism: Focus on “The Polio Hole” by Shelley Fraser Mickle
  • Using Peer Assessment in the Selection of Medical Student Members of the Gold Humanism Honor Society

2014- UF was awarded a grant to create a resident chapter (making it one of the 15 approved chapters in the country)!  UF’s attendance at the 2014 biennial in Atlanta included three faculty, a student and resident and resident chapter advisor- and a graduate who presented on her joint project to create a literary anthology “Literary Liniment” whose publication was funded by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.  Workshops on narrative also were conducted by Chapman faculty.

Also, with a UF faculty member on the biennial planning committee, the Biennial initiated an Open Mike event.  Another faculty member read her poem at the event.