Kudos to Alex Gitin, Medical Student

Submission about Alex: “I would like to nominate Alex Gitin for his compassion for his patients and his commitment to their care. While rotating on the internal medicine service in Jacksonville, I saw Alex go above and beyond for one of his patients. It was a patient who came into the hospital and received a new diagnosis of HIV. The team gave the patient the news on rounds on morning and explained very little about the condition and what it means for his health moving forward. Alex sat with this patient for hours on multiple days, helping him understand this new diagnosis and what the next steps are to ensure that he is taking proper care of his health. He went over all the medical management options, as well as what his prognosis would be. One day, the patient did not understand the case manager’s instructions, so Alex explained to the patient step by step how to get set up with the Ryan White clinic. His actions were inspirational to his peers and are very much appreciated.”