Kudos to Dr. Louis-Jacques in OB/GYN

Submission: “Dr. Louis-Jacques had a patient make a very unique request related to childbirth preferences. It was something never tried at UF but Dr. Louis-Jacques researched it carefully and determined it was feasible. She went to great lengths against opposition from many to fulfill her patient’s wish. Furthermore, when she received pushback about letting the medical student participate (it was a patient the student was following), she went out of her way to make sure the student was involved in the delivery. She actively role modeled patient-centered care and her own integrity as she did something that was difficult, required significant extra work on her part and without initial support because she put her patient first. She also role modeled exactly the kind of humanistic care we want from all our physician and future physicians, which I know because I learned about this from a medical student who was very positively affected by these events.”