BALL – A Traumedy

BALL – A Traumedy

The Chapman Society has been proud to present performances of “BALL – A Traumedy”, by Brian Lobel, in 2006 and 2007.

More about the 2006 performance:  “Cancer survivor puts on ‘traumedy’ play tonight” by Amy Reinink, The Gainesville Sun, March 2, 2006

Brian Lobel has one ball – and this is his story.

BALL is a solo performance about illness, struggle and survivorship. In this 70 minute piece, Brian attempts to answer the following question: in a world of Lance Armstrong-style successes and victories, what’s an awkward, unathletic, average testicular cancer patient to do? This is not your mother’s illness drama. BALL sees all of the disgusting parts of cancer not as things which should be changed into things beautiful or inspirational. Instead, the sperm bank, the catheters, and the hair loss take center stage in all their glory, in a manner which is honest, irreverent and, ultimately, healing. BALL was the first solo performance to be awarded the Hopwood Drama Award at the University of Michigan, a creative writing award made famous by its most well-known former winner, Arthur Miller. Check it out on the web at:

Students & faculty enjoyed lunch on the lawn with Brian after his 2006 performance.

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