Projects 2008

The inductees of the Class of 2008 had several projects.

The Hospice Outreach and Patient Enrichment (HOPE) Project was sponsored by the Chapman Society at the University of Florida College of Medicine.  The Chapman Society recognizes medical students, residents, and faculty demonstrating exemplary behavior that promotes humanism in medicine.  As part of its mission, the society strives to encourage humanism within the local community as well.  This year, the current members’ focus is on providing a human connection between Gainesville’s high school students and local Hospice patients.

The HOPE program was designed to celebrate the lives of terminally-ill patients by creating a legacy of their experiences through the use of photography, video cameras, interviews, and essays.  A group of 25 high school students selected for their maturity, intent, and commitment will participate in at least 4 afternoon sessions during the month of February at a Hospice facility.  During each visit, 2-3 students will be grouped with a Hospice patient and encouraged to develop a friendly relationship with them.  The students are encouraged to document this experience with various forms of media and ultimately this will be used to form a collaborative memoir of all the students’ experiences with the patients.  Our hope is that these students will gain an invaluable experience about difficult subjects such as life-and-death issues, family dynamics, and the special needs of terminally-ill patients.  In turn, we hope that the students provide an uplifting experience for the patients by providing their youth, individuality, interest, and open ears.

Timeline of HOPE Project:

Dec ’07- Applications out to area high schools.
Jan ’08- Selection of high school participants.
Feb ’08- Hospice training sessions.
Mar-Apr ’08- Workshops and Hospice visits.

Other Projects:

– Chapman Society Webpage Relaunch
– Bringing awareness of the Chapman Society to Shands at UF