Projects for 2011-2012

Humanism society members are also very active in a number of outreach, service, educational, and other types of projects that help to promote humanism and to provide humanistic role models for students, staff, faculty and patients.   These projects are generally initiated by students and maintained as part of the Chapman society service-oriented mandate. Ongoing projects include:
White Coat Ceremony Project– this project aims to remind second year students of the idealism and humanism with which they entered medical school.  It was initiated by Jonathan Harrell in 2010.
PACE Project: This project aims to generate enthusiasm among young women participating in PACE for careers in health care fields, bringing these students to the Health Science Center for a day.  It started in 2009.
High School Mentoring: This is the oldest of the special Chapman/GHHS Projects, having started in 2004, it brings high school students and Chapman Society members in contact in high schools and at the Health Science Center.  Each year offers a slightly different focus and approach- an example of the project is a high school outreach effort followed by bringing in high school students for 8 after school sessions that included focus arts-in-medicine activities, hands-on projects, Health Science Center tours, food, and discussion.
Empathy Emergency: Started in 2010, the Empathy Emergency offers first and second year students an opportunity to shadow fourth year students on clinical rotations and thus to reconnect with their passion for patient care and work with patients.
Random Acts of Kindness Blog: This blog highlights wonderful, humanistic acts as carried out by all members of the Health Science Center and serves as a reminder of everyday humanism, and has been in place since 2009.
Faculty and Resident Selection: This program is an integral part of the functioning of the society, and allows addition each year of deserving faculty and residents.
Chapman Society Discussion Series: This series uses brief readings, mentoring by current GHHS/Chapman members and discussion to foster a greater understanding of humanism and support for humanistic practice in first and second year medical students, and has been in place since 2007.
Hospital Oral History Project:  This project was created by Paul O’Rourke in 2011.