Hospital Oral History Project

Veterans Administration Hospital Oral History Project: 3 undergraduate volunteers after HIPPAA training and history taking classes will be involved in this program initially. They will each have a week of the month to go to the VA Hospital, specifically the physical rehabilitation center.   On these weeks, they will go to the VA Geriatrics unit and receive an assignment to interview one of the current resident patients.   They will then interview one of these patients about their lives and interests. After the interview, they will write up a one-page summary about their patient – a focused biography.  On the following Monday, they will give a copy of their one-page bio to the patient and the geriatrics unit at the VA where it will be copied and distributed to all members of the health care team.  The biographies will be directly distributed and discussed at the health care team meeting that occurs weekly on the geriatrics unit on Tuesday mornings.  In this way, all of the health care workers will have a more complete understanding of who their patient is as many of them do not have the time available for an in depth social history. If this is successful in the fall then we hope to be able to increase the number of undergrad volunteers or if not to get a new set of 3 students.