2nd Chapman Regional Symposium of Florida GHHS Chapters- schedule

2nd Annual Chapman Regional Symposium of Florida GHHS Chapters at UF-COM
February 24th and 25th, 2017

Funded by the Jules B. Chapman, M.D. and Annie Lou Chapman Foundation.
With thanks to Christina Turn, Zachary Anderson, Stephanie Tran, Ambar Cano, and Stephanie Cellucci for their work in organizing this event, and to Jay Lynch, MD for his assistance with budget and planning..  Thanks also to C. Craig Tisher, MD and Bailey Hillman of the Wilmot Gardens for use of their beautiful facilities.

To register click here.     Meeting locations and maps.

Speaker biographies.     Parking.

Friday, February 24th

4:00-4:45 PM                      Chapman Healing Garden Dedication– please join us for this special event
Wilmot Gardens                honoring Dr. and Mrs. Chapman. Parking: There are vouchers available for
valet parking in the Medical Plaza Building  for this  event and as well as
                                              vouchers for deck parking.

4:45- 5:45 PM                     Reception Following Dedication– reception co-sponsored by the Chapman
Wilmot Gardens                Regional Symposium.  Please join us for this opportunity to enjoy food and
Conference Building        fellowship in the Wilmot Gardens.

Move to Communicore Building- about 2 blocks away.

6:30- 6:40 PM                     Welcome– Robert Watson, MD
Communicore Building C1-3     Nina Stoyan-Rosenzweig
Open to entire UF COmmunity

6:40-7:30 PM                      Keynote presentation:  “What Mark Twain Would Tell Us About Medicine, If
Communicore Building,    He Were With Us Today”– K. Patrick Ober, MD (UFCOM alumnus)
Room C1-3   
Open to entire UF community

7:30-8:30 PM                      Open mike Session
Communicore Building, Room C1-3
Open to entire UF community

8:30 PM                                              Student meet up – restaurant/bar- at own expense
8:30 PM                                              Faculty/advisor meet up- restaurant/bar at own expense

Saturday, February 25th


Events in the gardens are weather permitting.  Stay tuned for possible contingency plans.

7:00- 8:00 AM                    Yoga in the garden- Anisa Perbtani
In the Wilmot Garden

8:00- 8:30 AM                    Breakfast/check in- Wilmot Gardens Conference building
In the Garden Conference Building

8:45-10:00 AM                   World Café Icebreaker- Caridad Hernandez, MD
In the Wilmot Garden

10:00-10:15                         Snack
In the Wilmot  Garden Conference Building

10:15 -11:05 AM                Break outs in the Garden:
In the Wilmot Garden

  • Improv session- Jeff Jurgens
  • Mindfulness meditation in the garden- Teresa Drake
  • Reflective writing- Brenda Butka, MD
  • Student run free clinics- Survey of Student Run Free Clinics in Florida- Austin Reed and Stefano Leitner

11:15-12:05                         “Plants are Humanists Too: Therapeutic Horticulture at Wilmot Gardens”- Elizabeth (Leah) Diehl (Hands on activity!)
In the Wilmot Gardens Greenhouse

Move to Harrell Medical Education Building Rm. 125- about  2 blocks away.

12:30- 1:30 PM                                  Lunch 2nd keynote-  Chapter practices and Tell Me More: from a Poem to a Movement
HMEB 125- North Learning Studio                            Charles Pohl, MD and Brenda Butka, MD
Open to the entire UF community

1:45- 3:00 PM                                     Gold Mining tables– student reports on chapter activities/individual
HMEB 125-North Learning Studio    wellness practices
Open to the entire UF community

3:00-3:15 PM                      Snack
Harrell Medical Education Building

3:15-4:05                                              Break outs
HMEB (room listed after event)   

  • Student run clinics- Community Needs Assessment – what do each of our communities need? Why are we doing what we do?- Austin Reed and Stefano Leitner- HMEB 331
  • Student run Schwartz rounds- Jefferson U. student/s- HMEB 332
  • How to develop an award winning GHHS chapter!- Linda Stone, MD Ohio State, HMEB 333

4:15- 5:15                                             Special Patient Narrative and breakout

  • Changing Art: Living with and adapting to ALS- Sandra Murphy-Pak (includes an optional activity- learning to paint with your feet)- HMEB 464
  • Student run clinics-Social Determinants of Health – How do we address these non-clinical aspects of health? Is it with-in the scope of our specific clinic or do we partner with someone else? Austin Reed and Stefano LEitner- HMEB 331

5:30- 6:30 PM                     Open mike with snacks
HMEB 125- North Learning Studio

6:45-7:15                              Optional dinner at own expense