Overview of Selection Process

Approximately 15% of the 4th-year class are selected to membership each year. These student members of the Society will be chosen by the selection committee during the Spring semester after consideration of peer evaluation results at the end of the third year of medical school, and results of peer nomination to the Society. Student members are charged with selecting up to six residents and up to two faculty members for induction each year. Chapman Society members will also include any residents or faculty members selected for Gold Humanism Honor Society membership at other medical schools.

The selection committee consists of:
Chapman Society Faculty Advisors – Donna Parker, MD
Faculty members elected to the Society:  Faculty List

The selection committee will review the results of the medical student peer evaluations administered toward the middle of the 3rd year, which provide peer assessment of clinical competence, interpersonal skills, humanism, and professionalism. Additional data that may be taken into consideration include clerkship ratings for professionalism and participation in service activities. Rankings based on these data will be used by the selection committee to identify approximately 15% of the class.

Selection will take place by March of each year, so 4th year students selected will have sufficient time to organize and develop their group service projects.