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2023 edition of CALM:

cover art of CALM 2023



Thank you to all of the authors who submitted incredible works and congratulations to those whose pieces have been accepted. Your creative expressions of humanism are a blessing to the UF College of Medicine community and beyond. 

CALM 2023 Editors in Chief:

  • Torie Livingston
  • Emily Loe
  • Samantha Korn
  • Luderve Rosier
  • AJ Winer

Front cover art by Giuliano De Portu, MD

A special congratulations to the following 2023 CALM award winners!

Gold Humanism Award: “The Nod” by Caretia Washington (Third-year MD-PhD student) 

Best Writing Piece Award: “Knowing Too Much” by Aleeza Kessler (Second-year medical student)

Best Artwork Award: “Take Your Pills” by Leah Noe (Third-year medical student) 

2022 inaugural edition of CALM:

CALM 2022 Editors in Chief:

  • Catie Elko
  • Amber Henry
  • Hansol Kang
  • Ari Maya

Front cover art: Macau by Giuliano De Portu, MD

A special congratulations to the following 2022 CALM award winners!

Gold Humanism Award: “An Unseen Border” by Tammy Euliano, M.D. (Professor of Anesthesiology) 

Best Writing Award: “In Chains” by AJ Winer (Third-year medical student)

~ Honorable Mention for Best Writing Award: “Thoughts of a New MS3 Annotated by an Old MS3” by Charlette Williams (Third-year medical student) 

Best Art Award: “It’s Kind of Like” by Sydney Cabana (First-year medical student) 

~ Honorable Mention for Best Art Award: “Calm/Mania/Pressure” by Tristin Latty (Third-year medical student)

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