Special Recognition

The Chapman Chapter of the GHHS occasionally honors individuals who have made significant contributions to the chapter, or who have passed away before they could achieve membership.  These are extraordinary people who exemplify or exemplified compassionate service and humanism in medicine.

Dr. David Paulus
David A. Paulus, MD

One such person was Dr. David Paulus, nominated for membership in 2012, Dr. Paulus passed away before he completed the nomination and membership process.  He is recognized and remembered for his commitment to service and the compassion and caring he showed toward everyone with whom he came in contact.  The Chapter has given him the special recognition deserved by one whose daily work and life exemplified the humanism for which Chapman Chapter members are recognized.

Recognition for special service

These recipients of special honors have made significant, invaluable, and ongoing contributions to the Chapman society, and have thus made significant contributions to promote humanism in medicine.  Their contributions show them to be extraordinarily humanistic and compassionate service-oriented individuals.

  • Annie Lou Chapman
  • Patricia Siter

Dr. Hugh A. Walters and the Department of Surgery

Hugh Walters
Hugh Walters, MD

Dr. Hugh A. Walters graduated from the University of Florida College of Medicine in 2004. He became a resident in the Department of Surgery but passed away in 2008. His strong humanistic qualities resulted in special posthumous recognition by the Chapman Chapter for the Gold Humanism Honor Society. His commitment to humanism also was recognized by the Department of Surgery, which created a humanism award presented to a surgery resident every year since 2009.