Tow Award
The Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award

This award recognizes graduating students and faculty members who demonstrate both clinical excellence and outstanding compassion in the delivery of care and who show respect for patients and their families as well as healthcare colleagues. Each year, the UF College of Medicine selects one graduating medical student and one faculty member for the Leonard Tow Humanism in Medicine Award, sponsored by the Arnold P. Gold Foundation.  

Award Recipients

year student awardee faculty awardee
2006 Jennifer Rehm Richard C. Christensen, MD
2007 Juliessa Pavon I. Keith Stone, MD
2008 Kurt Scherer Allen Neims, MD
2009 Kavita Rajasekhar Maureen Novak, MD
2010 Ana Turner Patricia Abbitt, MD
2011 Paul O’Rourke David Feller, MD
2012 Ricardy Rimpel Philip Barkley, MD
2013 Vikram Narayan Beverly Dede, PhD
2014 Samuel Dickmann Donna Parker, MD
2015 Kenneth Caldwell Nancy Hardt, MD
2016 Jonathan Kalehoff Michael Lauzardo, MD
2017 Jennifer Costa Robert Lawrence, MD
2018 De-Vaughn Williams
2019 Gabriel Daniels Ryan Nall, MD
2020 Dorreen Danesh Harvey Chim, MD
2021 Jennifer Loso Girard Andrew Shychuk, MD
2022 Hansol Kang Martina C. Murphy, MD
2023 AJ Winer Jorge Lascano, MD