Resident Chapter

In 2014, the University of Florida received funding from the Arnold P. Gold Foundation to create a Resident Chapter of the GHHS as part of a pilot program to highlight the important role residents play.  From the Gold Foundation website:

Residency is a key component of graduate medical training, offering an in-depth exposure to medical practice. It can often lead to long working hours matched with many responsibilities. Residents serve as the “house staff” of the hospital and are an integral part to the healthcare team, often serving as indispensable resources for medical students, especially during a clinical clerkship.

Our Resident Chapter chooses both residents and faculty for induction each spring. Both these faculty members and these residents become members of the main chapter, and residents chosen by both chapters work together with the Resident Chapter during their remaining time at UF COM.

Dr. Diane Howell serves as advisor for this chapter.

Current Residents

Name Department
Jeremy S Archer Jeremy S Archer MD-UROLOGY
Zachary Barbara Zachary Barbara MD-PEDS-MEDICAL EDUCATION
Brent M Beck Brent M Beck MD-PSYCHIATRY
Elizabeth L Bisbee Elizabeth L Bisbee MD-DERMATOLOGY
Natalie Buchwald Natalie Buchwald MD-NEUROLOGY-ADMIN/EDUC
Nadia S Cacodcar Nadia S Cacodcar MD-PSYCHIATRY
Elyse M Chaviano Elyse M Chaviano MD-PEDS-MEDICAL EDUCATION
Alexandra N De Leo Alexandra N De Leo MD-RADIATION ONCOLOGY-SHANDS
Tavenner T Dibert Tavenner T Dibert MD-PEDS-MEDICAL EDUCATION

Previous resident inductees: