Kudos to Apara Agarwal, Medical Student

Submission about Apara: “I am a resident physician here at UF and I’m emailing you to notify you about an exceptional student rotating with us on internal medicine, Apara Agarwal. Apara is following a patient who is both medically and socially complex – a gentleman with worsening multiple myeloma. He unfortunately just found out that he will have to stay in the hospital for longer to receive inpatient chemo and he is very stressed about paying his bills. Without any prompting, Apara took it upon herself to help get him envelopes and stamps so he can mail a check to pay his bills from inside the hospital. She is also working with the team and his nurses to arrange for him see his wife before he starts chemo. Apara is going above and beyond for this patient and deserves some serious recognition. We are all very impressed by her dedication to her patients. She will be a fantastic physician.”